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Websites are unfortunately not ‘set and forget’. Regular maintenance needs to be performed to keep the site secure and performing well with up-to-date information. As the website makes up the majority of a business’s online identity, it is an important tool to not be overlooked. Security and Performance now play a major part in Google and Bing search rankings.

We are now offering ongoing maintenance and management for WordPress websites. We have bundled this with a premium web hosting server using proprietary server language (LiteSpeed). LiteSpeed is up to 11x faster than standard Apache web servers (Apache is used on our standard web host servers).

Please call or email our usual channels if you would like to discuss this proposal further, or would like us to proceed and begin monitoring, maintaining and improving your website!

Excl. GST Per Month
Premium WordPress Web Hosting
Content Updates

Included Services

  • Premium WordPress Web Hosting
  • Daily backups (90 days kept)
  • Maintenance and Management
  • Managed Plugin and Theme updates (check weekly)
  • “Safe Update” (Backup processed before updates for immediate roll-back of identified issues)
  • Managed WordPress Core updates
  • Uptime monitoring (5-minute intervals)
  • Security Scans (twice weekly)
  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Website updates (0.5 hours per month included)

Migration & Optimization of Existing WordPress Site

In order to take the full advantage of our premium hosting features, we must first migrate your website onto the upgraded servers, as well as perform a series of tests and optimizations to make sure that you are getting the best results possible.

Migrations & Optimization Steps

  • Premium website performance analysis
    • Get a “pre” speed score
    • Provide a “post” speed score after optimizations
  • Website Migration
    • Migrate the site to the new webserver
  • Enforce SSL encryption for all traffic
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Force redirection from unencrypted connection requests
    • Ensure there are no resources loaded from insecure sources
  • Website Performance optimization
    • Set up pre-caching
    • Set up browser caching
    • Image optimization and generate images in a nextgen format
    • Set up lazy loading of images
      • Generate Low-Quality Image Placeholders
    • CDN Setup
    • Page Optimization
      • CSS, JS and HTML optimization (code minification)
      • Enable Asynchronous loading of code
    • Enable local caching of Google font files and Analytics to enable caching of these third-party scripts (if used)
    • Assess PHP version compatibility
  • WordPress security hardening
    • Blacklist failed login attempts (brute force protection)
    • Rate limiting site access (helps avoid DOS attacks slightly)
    • Inspect PHP queries for malicious intent
Excl. GST
Premium website performance analysis
Website performance optimization
WordPress Security hardening
Website migrtation
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