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GZD support many Practice’s using Stat Health Software. We work closely with Stat Health to provide a “whole business” support experience. This means we not only support the hardware that runs the software, but also most attached testing devices such as ECG and Spirometry.

Due to our many years of combined technician experience we also act as support for many Stat Health software issues directly.

Give us a call if you have any concerns or questions relating to your site.

Do you know how your backups work?

Do you know what is involved if you need to use your backup to recover data?

Is your software running slow?

Would you like the ability to access Stat Health remotely?

Do you have a second practice starting soon and would like them to share the same database?

Are you concerned about aging hardware but don’t want the large upfront expense of new server hardware and software?

Click here to get more information about cloud hosting for your Practice.

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