Connecting to Helpdesk on a Mac

Step 1

Join with code provided by technician.
MacOS picture 1 download app

Step 2

Once you enter the code, if you haven't joined before it will ask you to download the app, click Download App.

Step 3

The app will then show up in your downloads, once it is finished, double-click the app.
MacOS picture 2 Double-click App
MacOS picture 3 download

Step 4

You will then see the Application in your downloads

Step 5

5. Right-click the application and then click Open
MacOS picture 4 Right-click open
MacOS picture 5 Click Open

Step 6

It will then alert that it may be malicious, click Open

Step 7

After you have clicked Open, click the Apple icon in the top-left corner, then click System Preferences.
MacOS picture 6 system Preferences
MacOS picture 7 Client

Step 8

8. Click Privacy & Security, click the padlock in the bottom-left corner, enter in your Mac password.

Step 9

9. Go to Screen Recording and turn on GZD Helpdesk Client.
Note - If GZD Helpdesk Client isn't there, click the + button at the bottom and browse to your downloads and double-click the GZDHelpdeskClient application you opened earlier.
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